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Integral Coaching
for Individuals and Teams 

Integral Coaching Solutions

We work with individuals and teams who want to do what they do best, exploring paths to perform at their best. Our quest has been leveraging strengths, increasing self-awareness, and connecting mind-body-heart insights toward a positive goal-setting, effective goal-achieving process, and sustainable integral growth. 

Our powerful tool to navigate this journey: Integral Coaching

  • Integral Coaching empowers individuals and teams to explore and discover deep resources to achieve and exceed expected professional or personal goals.

  • The integral approach reveals patterns, assumptions, beliefs, and behaviors that prevent the individual/team from attaining goals.

  • Combining positive psychology and behavioral science tools unleashes a new perspective that breaks down barriers and overcomes challenges.

We help individuals, teams, or organizations co-create and implement powerful positive change through mindful strengths exploration, a practical-effective approach, and customized solutions. 

Integral Coaching solutions

Leadership Effectiveness
We will explore, assess and enhance core characteristics that will advance your leadership style to master the art of coaching as a people leader, helping you and your team to elaborate, follow through, and more effectively achieve expected goals and better contribute to the overall organizational outcomes.

Team Effectiveness
We will help the leader and the team explore the dimensions, relationships, shared experiences, and dynamics to elevate performance at an individual and team level to increase effectiveness, connection, and goal achievement.

Career Transformation
We will explore your present and future career aspirations and motivations, connecting your strengths, knowledge, skills, and experience to the best roadmap and identifying effective targeted actions that will align with your career goals and passions.


​​Navigate Complex Challenges
We will explore areas where complex challenges or transitions impact balance, performance, and focus. We will empower you to discover and use all your strengths, internal resources, and motivation to navigate uncertainty and effectively manage changes constructively.


​Unleash Performance for Individuals
We will navigate through your experience, knowledge, and skills to connect your performance goals and ecosystem to opportunities that will boost your strengths and motivation to unleash higher levels of performance.

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