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Innovative People Strategy
Integral Executive & Team Coaching

About My Journey 

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After having great experiences working in multidisciplinary teams within 500 fortune companies, non-profit organizations, and startups, I am on a mission to integrate the diverse aspects of life and work to co-create flourishing ecosystems.​

The invitation is to develop innovative practices through strategic elements, where inclusive workforce design meets HR analytics, behavioral science, and positive psychology principles.

We will explore diverse paths and identify what makes your team a talent magnet. 
The objective is to facilitate the context and practices where everyone can bring their best version of themselves to do what they do best, wherever they are geographically  (hybrid or in-person). 

As the Founder and Principal Consultant of Positive Human Factor, I am committed to advising, coaching, and co-creating inclusive flourishing ecosystems for sustainable positive change. 

look forward to meeting and discussing more details with you!
Paula Barrios Sanchez


Co-create thriving inclusive ecosystems, leveraging individual strengths and driving team capabilities for sustainable growth



We recognize everyone has unique needs, so we want to hear firsthand what are the pain points and opportunities you envision to paint your team's exciting future. We will map the path and facilitate the journey with these critical elements and our unique co-creative approach.


We look forward to discussing your team's needs and offering you the best-fit proposal. 

Do you want to discover how working styles impact team results?  Do you want to know what factors can leverage others' strengths?
Most importantly, do you want to uncover different and new ways to collaborate and achieve goals effectively?


Let's discuss how our integral coaching practices and experienced-based methods can help you!

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